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Lawn Art in Ireland

Creating a lush green lawn takes more than regular mowing, and for the more dedicated among us can become an art – the art of lawn care.

In fact, lawn care requires a dedicated effort from the homeowner. The process consists of fertilisation, the requirement to troubleshoot problems as they arise, and regular maintenance. Here is how to create a lush green lawn in your garden.

Many homeowners make the mistake of mowing their lawns too low. Even though you may see it as natural to mow the lawn as short as possible, experts think otherwise. In fact, experts advise that you let the lawn grow longer and mow it on a regular basis. Make sure to set the mower blade to at least three inches tall when mowing your lawn. When you mow the lawn too short, it places stress on the grass which will limit the growth of deep roots. This decreases the ability of the grass to resist drought conditions, pests, and weeds.

Fertilisation is an important aspect of growing a lush green lawn in your garden. Use organic and synthetic lawn fertiliser for this purpose. It will help strengthen the roots and prevent the spreading of pests and weeds. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are three of the key ingredients that should be included in an effective lawn fertiliser. Nitrogen helps with leafy growth. But you should not exceed the dose since it can result in yard burn, excessive growth, and discoloration. Popular lawn fertiliser comes in organic and synthetic blends in granule and liquid forms. There are fast and slow-release fertiliser for you to choose from. There are lots of good online stores that sell everything you need to properly take care of your lawn this summer such as Careful Gardener DIY & Tools, also Careful Gardener Deviant Art, and Karcher Pressure Washers.

There are many lawn issues that are common to most of the lawns. Some of them include areas that are infested with crabgrass, weeds, dandelion and bare spots and dead patches. Bare spots are quite common in most of the lawns. The condition can be easily repaired with the right maintenance and patience. Sod can be a good option for large patches on the lawn. If there are smaller patches and areas that don’t receive a lot of sunlight, you can sow grass seeds. These are important things to consider when creating a lush green lawn in your garden.

In conclusion, growing a lush green lawn is not an easy task. There are many things to consider when doing so. It takes a dedicated effort and regular mowing. The above-mentioned article provides information on how do you create a lush green lawn.