Konker SEO Guide for Artists

Konker Marketing Guide

Sounds crazy right, but artists need to advertise too, and today we’re going to share some information on the art of search engine optimisation in Ireland, known as SEO.

Do you know how to build SEO links? You might think they do not matter so much anymore, as you’ve likely read or learned that Google and other search engines do not link seeing massive amounts of spammy links in determining how to rank site anymore, and that’s true. The freshness of a website’s content, how unique it is, and how useful or authoritative it is are all newer factors that matter quite a bit. However, links still matter a lot too.

There are quite a few ways to build SEO links for your website. Putting social media widgets on your primary content pages so your users can share them is one way, as each social media share might generate a fresh backlink pointing to your website. You can also put backlinks into forum signatures and post a lot on particular websites. Commenting on blogs is another way to do it, and there are even article directories that still matter. Press releases also help.

The single best thing you can do is reach out to other webmasters within your niche, your sector, or your industry. Any site that is seen by the search engines as having content or subject matter highly related or similar to your own and has a backlink pointing to your website is one that search engines will consider as a positive vote for the authority of your website within your field. This kind of high-quality link is worth dozens or even hundreds of mass spam links that could be done on disposable WordPress blogs.

Konker SEO Review

For help with some of the seo tasks, things like articles, social media shares and blog building visit sites like I Need Articles Review  and they can be contacted at the Konker Yupye page. They provide an amazing service connecting outsourcers with artists and entrepreneurs who will happily pay to get the work completed fast, while they work on other projects.

If you want to get into rather advanced concepts for building SEO links, you might want to study up on how to do them using things like YouTube videos and even Google Images and their embedded content.